What Else for March 20, 2018

I’m too stupid to understand what these live action adaptations will look like. The Lion King, for example, which I’m really excited about – is Donald Glover voicing Simba and is Beyoncé voicing Nala or are they actually acting as animals? But people? If they’re people, how can they be lions? What am I ……Read More

Let’s talk Gossip

For my own part, I shared a continent with Kongo, and we enjoyed great relations, leading to a level 3 alliance by the time I won. Part of the reason was that he just LOVED how I shared all my gossip with him. Which got me thinking…this has frustrated me in the past. A civ…Read More

Wnba Gossip Pt. II

for yall cp3 stans in denial yall might want to check her insta story b4 she deletes it « honey u don’t have a drink » are her exact words and im positive she wasn’t referencing her mom lol she done crossed on over. She’s about as out as you can get without announcing it. They make…Read More